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Love Like Ours 8a/?
I don't even know what to say. I said I would be back and I didn't. With school and everything I got so buried. And unfortunately I lost touch with this story in the process- that's not to say I got nothing though (the writing doesn't get better but it's something a least). For anyone still interested. This chapter was originally a oneshot but then I turned it into a 'story' so thats why it reads weird.

How far along: 30 weeks

Marco woke up and slowly pulled himself out of bed. It was already early afternoon so Dylan was already at school... so it was just him and his growing stomach. He pulled off his pyjamas and took a shower.
Feeling the cold water hit his skin sent chills down his spine. He quickly got out and the shower dried off and dressed. He suddenly felt a nudge and stared down at his round stomach, which was supported by a metal brace... lifting up the fabric of his cotton shirt to get a better look. He stared at the mirror in front of him. He looked... strange. A few months ago, when he was about a month or two it was hard for him to believe that the thing in his stomach was there... but now, it feel more... real. He realized then that this wasn’t some fake fantasy, that it was real reality. He put down his shirt and headed down stairs.
Dylan had covered his (Marco’s) breakfast... but Marco didn’t feel so hungry, he may have just brought it back up. He just grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and walked back up to his room. He fluffed his pillow and lay back down.
These last few months had made him lazy, irritable and angry most of the time. He wished at the next two months would pass quickly and he could get to hold his Lily. That was all he could think about and that was all that seemed to matter right now. To him, feeling her movements wasn’t enough, anymore... he wanted more. The doctor had told him to relax and be patient but how could he? Given his and Dylan’s situation this was the only chance they had.
He looked at the other side of his and Dylan’s bedroom. A cradle and a rocking chair, they made him wish that he could be rocking his Lily in the chair now and put her in the cradle once she was asleep. He didn’t realize that he was pressing his hand on his swollen stomach until he felt another nudge. He hoped that Lily would have green eyes like Dylan and Paige; in fact he hoped that she looked exactly like them and had little to no resemblance of him-not because he didn’t like his looks but because he wanted anyone and everyone who looked at her to remind them of Dylan-through Paige that is.
Sometimes Marco wondered why Dylan was still with him... Dylan had given up his future as an international hockey player to be a coach so he could be closer to him (Marco), though it wasn't like he hadn't protested greatly.  Dylan was out most of these days and on the weekends when they could do things together Marco felt guilty because in his state they couldn’t do most of the things they liked. The doctor told Marco to stay at home and stay as much off his feet as he could, sure he could go outside but that’s risk people looking at his weirdly. The most they could do was watch TV, play video games and such. He wished that there was a way for him to show Dylan how much he really cared.
Then the idea hit him, he could make Dylan dinner. He slowly lifted himself from the bed and went back down to the kitchen. Dylan loved steak, especially the way he (Marco) made it and that already was an advantage. He could steam so vegetables fry some rice and bake a pie. He called Dylan’s school and told the secretary to tell Dylan not to bring home dinner and that he (Marco) would order. Then he got to work on his task.
Then finally, after an hour of intense washing, cutting, mixing, and everything else associated with cooking Marco put the pie into the oven and sighed with relief. He could sit down and rest! Marco checked his watch... Dylan wasn’t coming home for the next two hours, which gave him plenty of time to clean up, set the table and do the laundry. He got straight to picking up the laundry. He found bending down to be hard but he did it. Then he went to the bathroom and peed for the third time that hour.
Suddenly the telephone rang, and it was Ellie. Ellie was Marco's best friend (and soon to be Lily's godmother) and she was checking up on him to see if Marco was alright. Marco decided to have Ellie come over for a while so he wouldn’t be alone and she agreed. As soon as Marco put down the phone he went upstairs to freshen up. As soon as he put on another shirt the doorbell rang. Ellie was never a minute too early or a minute too late.
“Hey Marco, how’s everything going?”
“Everything’s great Ellie; I just can’t wait to hold her.”
“Well from the looks of it, you’ll be holding her soon.” Ellie said, glancing quickly at Marco’s swollen belly. “Something smells good.”
“Yeah, I’m cooking dinner for Dylan tonight.”
“Well he’s sure going to appreciate it.”
“So, what should we do?”
“Tell me about Lily.” Ellie begged, excitedly.
Marco smiled as both took a seat on the couch, “There’s nothing new, really, to tell more than she’s been kicking and nudging a lot lately...”
“What did the doctor say?”
“He says, I could go into labour earlier than expected... but I don’t mind.”
“Yeah, but wouldn’t the birth be dangerous and risky-even if you were to give birth now-at seven month?.”
“Yeah-I guess... this is the most complicated thing that has ever been happening in my life.”
Soon it was time for Ellie to go... she wished him luck with the dinner. Marco checks his watch again. Dylan should’ve been coming home any minute then so he set up the table and got two candles. He turned off all the food and left it to cool. Dylan stepped through the door just as Marco cover up the last dish on the table.
“Marco, I’m home.” Dylan called. Marco came around from the dining room.
“Hey, Dylan”
“Hey, look who looks cute.” Dylan said eying the green top and black baggy pants that Marco was wearing.
“Thanks for the compliment.” Marco said, pressing his hand against the growing bulge, which housed his Lily.
“How's Lily?” Dylan asked smoothing his hand over his (Marco’s) swollen belly, tracing the brace.
“She would like me to eat and I would like her to be born.”
“Marco, it’s not much longer now.”
“I know.”
“So, what did you order?”
“But the secretary-.”
“I cooked, instead.”
“You did? Marco, the doctor said-.”
“Dylan. I’m fine, I wasn’t even standing up too long... what, do you think I’m that dependent?”
“Marco, I never said that.”
“Yeah, but you were thinking’re ashamed of me. You’re ashamed that I’m always moody, always cranky, oh yeah and that I’m fat.”
“Fat? What! Marco that’s crazy.”
“Oh, so now I’m crazy? I guess you can say that because I’m the one that decided to give up my normal life so that we could have a child. You don’t have to go to the hospital every three weeks for check-ups.”
“I know but-.”
“You don’t have to take progesterone, you don’t have to take any drugs and you certainly don’t have to wear some cold, hard, metal brace... and have to feel this, this thing every time you move around.”
“I know that you sacrificed a lot but, it’s not like I haven’t sacrificed thing... I gave up my career so that I could stay with you.”
“It’s not like I said ‘Dylan since I’m pregnant, quit your job.’ I didn’t tell you to do that.”
“And I didn’t tell you to carry Lily now did I?”
“...You don’t want Lily? But I thought... I thought that you... oh mio dio, you don’t want our child?” Marco asked hyperventilating.
“Marco, calm down... breathe...” Dylan said.  Marco inhaled and exhaled.
“Oh my gosh...” he gasped.
“Marco, I never said that.” Dylan reached out to touch Marco but he turned away and walked to the stairs, “Marco?”
“Lily is the best thing that’s ever happened to me... I can’t believe this...”
“Marco, Mar’ come on.”
“Just leave me alone for a while... I need to think this through.”
“No, you don’t need to think anything through...  I don’t know what you’re thinking right now but here’s what I’m thinking... I love you and I love Lily... the both of you are what’s important to me.”
“Sure, we are or wait... maybe we’re not.”
“Marco, just cut with the mood swings okay?”
“So now you’re mocking me... these last few months have been hard on me and all you can do is joke about it.”
“Look, Marco, why don’t we just go back downstairs and eat, please.” Dylan put his hands on Marco’s shoulders, preventing him from moving any farther. Marco turned around.
“You’re such a jerk... trying to seduce me!” Marco accused.
“Hey, it’s working, isn’t it?” Dylan defended. Their lips, moved closer to each other’s... until ‘smack’ Marco slapped Dylan. “Ow-!” then Marco kissed him, “Does this mean you forgive me?” Dylan asked when their lips parted.
Marco looked at him and a smile spread on his face. “Maybe I do... but let me just do one more thing.”
“What is it?”
“This...” and Marco slapped Dylan again.
“Now I forgive you.”
After dinner the two sat down in the living room. They had been watching a movie (Marco had fallen asleep after the first twenty minutes) when suddenly Dylan’s phone began to ring. Dylan looked in alarm at a sleeping Marco. He looked cute when he slept but Dylan didn’t have time to admire his beautiful, pregnant boyfriend. .If Marco were to wake up from the ringing there would be no way to get him to go back to sleep so he quickly grabbed his phone and answered it with a soft ‘hello.’
After a few minutes of conversation he hung up. He had to meet with someone so he got up and ran upstairs and grabbed Marco’s pillows and a blanket. He put pillows under Marco’s head and back and covered his body with the blanket. After giving him a peck on the cheek, he then called Ellie over to watch him. When she arrived he left, without giving her a valid explanation more than ‘it’s important.’
Almost half an hour later, Marco was awakened by pressure to his belly. He opened his eyes to see Ellie... and no Dylan.
“Ellie... What are you doing here? Where’s Dylan?”
“He called me over to watch you... all; he told me was that he had something important to do.”
“What? That’s the same excuse he’s been telling me for the last month whenever he has to go somewhere.”
“Really, I wonder what he could be doing.” Ellie wondered. Just then Dylan’s cell phone beeped meaning that he (Dylan) had received a text message.
“He forgot his cell.” Marco said.
“I’m going to read the text message.” Marco said, getting up to a sitting position.
“No Marco!” Ellie said, “I mean maybe I should read it.” Marco shrugged and hand the phone to her.
“Well, what’s it say?”
“Uh-well... it says. Hey Dyl-,”
“Dyl...? But I’m the only one who calls him that.” Marco said. He could feel the pressure in the belly increase, so he pressed on it harder.
“Are you sure you wanna hear more because it looks like you’re about to go into shock.”
“Read the thing, Ellie... Lily and I are just fine.”
“Okay, I missed you last night, I’m sorry about that. You must’ve been calling a lot-.”
“I remember that... every few minutes Dylan was calling someone and he wasn’t reaching them... oh my gosh, Dylan’s cheating on me again? Read the rest.”
“See you at Tianjin’s, Dal.”
“Tianjin is where we went to celebrate that I was having a girl, Lily. He is cheating on me, again? And he’s meeting this Dal at Tianjin, our restaurant El... I got to stop him.” Marco said slowly getting up, only to feel the pressure getting stronger.
“Marco, no... It’s not like it’s just you... it’s you and a baby. And you look, tired. You can confront him in the morning-.”
“El, I’m just fine... but I just can’t stay here. That Dal person could be making a move on Dylan.”
“Marco, as your best friend I can’t let you go out at this late hour in your state.”
“Ellie, I can take care of myself. Now are you going to help me or are you going to fight me?” Marco said. Ellie looked at Marco’s straight face and then to the hand pressed against his bulged belly. She sighed.
“Fine, but I am driving, got that?”


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