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Love Like Ours 7/?
It's been a long time and reason for that is that I had to study for the biggest exams of my high school life. I'm now a high school graduate and I'm going to college in about four weeks.
I don't know how many people actually read this story but at least I know that a few do read it and for that, thank you. This isn't exactly my best work; in fact I think this is one of the lowest points in the story (in terms of my writing). Sorry about But I hope you like it.
Without further ado; Chapter 7.

How far along: 19 weeks

Dylan opened his eyes as a strip of sunlight steamed though the cracked curtains. He turned his head to look at the alarm clock:
He was glad tomorrow was Saturday; he had noticed that his boyfriend wasn't his perky self and he was afraid that Marco was getting sick. He hoped not, because if it was a cold then Marco couldn't be treated the same due to the baby. Marco was snoring next to him so the hockey player took extra care in getting out of bed so as not to make to much noise.

After he got ready for the day, he headed downstairs and prepared breakfast for Marco. Just as he was putting together the plate Marco sauntered into the kitchen.
"Morning babe; did you sleep well?" Dylan asked.
"Like guy who has a baby pressing on his organs and can't breathe through his nose." he replied as he headed over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of orage juice, 'What's for breakfast?"
"Toast and a cheesy omelet." Dylan replied putting the plate on the table.
"That's good." Marco said downing half the bottle and sitting down in front of the plate, "I have to get to school early today; I've got some papers to finish marking before second period."
Just then Marco sneezed; he covered his mouth.
"You okay?" Dylan asked placing his hand to Marco's forehead. The younger man pushed his hand away.
"Yeah, I'm fine; I'm not getting sick-." he was stopped by another sneeze.
"Marco just let me feel your..." Marco trailed off when he realized that Marco's forehead felt much warmer that usual.
"Mar' , you're burning up."
"“That’s it Marco… you’re staying home.” said Dylan looking at the thermometer in his hand. His boyfriend lay on their bed, “You have a fever… you’re not getting out of bed.”

“But Dylan; I have classes…” Marco began when he was interrupted by coughing.
“No buts… you’re not going anywhere until you’ve recovered, okay?” Dylan began, “Look; I know that you have to go to work but I don’t want you to go while you’re sick; you’re having a baby... so just promise me you’ll get some rest."
“…Okay.” Marco said, rubbing his stomach.
“Now let's see if I can bring the fever down.” Dylan said. He rubbed Marco down with a cloth dipped in cold water to see if he could bring it down… The man sighed with relief when it reduced to 99o.
"Okay; I'm going to talk to Dr. Finland; see what you can take for this; maybe after you’ve had a nap, you’ll feel a whole lot better.” Dylan said. Marco nodded and leaned back into the pillows and closed his eyes. He left Marco to nap but despite the quiet atmosphere, the soft alluring pillows and the light fresh air entering the windows and keeping the room cool, Marco couldn’t get any sleep.
The doctor told Dylan that the only thing Marco could take at this point was the occasional painkillers; but not too many. After he checked on Marco, Dylan decided to go to the pharmacy and pick up medicine for Marco. When he got home he went straight up to their bedroom… their bed was empty and the bathroom was as well, “Marco? Why are you out of bed?” Dylan called. He went downstairs and saw Marco doing laundry. He was wearing a face mask. Dylan went up to him and forced him to stop, “Marco, you said that you’d stay in bed and relax.”
“Dylan*cough*, I can’t just stay in bed and *cough* do nothing… I feel useless.”
“Marco, you’re sick and five months pregnant… with a baby, our baby… and you think that you’re useless?”  Dylan said. He turned Marco to face him and said, “You are the most important thing in my life… you and this baby. I don’t want you to strain yourself.”
“I bought you some medication.” Dylan said.
“Thanks.” Marco said. Both of them walked back upstairs to their bedroom and Dylan put Marco back in bed. Then he gave him some medicine, “So, when do you have to get ready for hockey practice?” asked Marco.
“That’s what I wanted to talk about…”said Dylan, “I’ve been thinking about our future… and I think I should sit out on hockey this season-.”
“What! But Dylan, hockey is your dream.”
“But you and this baby are more important … what if I had to go overseas and something, were to happen to you or to Lily?” Dylan asked, “I’d just… I’d never forgive myself.”
“We can hire a maid or a nurse to help me out. Or a friend or even my mother could stay with me while you’re away.” said Marco, “Though I doubt I’ll need any help.”
“What if you went into labour while I was away? I’d miss Lily’s birth…”
“You won’t be away when that happens…”
“Marco, I could be and you know it… I think that this would be for the best if; and it’d just be for the season.”
“Dylan Michalchuk, I will not have you give up your career for me… pregnant or not… everything will work out okay?”
“Marco, Greenburg High school needs a hockey coach for the year and I was thinking of accepting-.”
“Dylan… you had better get ready for hockey practice.” said Marco obviously tired of the subject. The seriousness in his voice told Dylan that he was treading on thin ice by talking about this, such subject with his hormonal boyfriend.
“This discussion is not over… we’ll talk more about this later.” Dylan said.

“Dylan, you are one of the best players on the team… we need you-.”
“My family needs me more… I think I should leave the team for the season, until my kid is born and my boyfriend is settled, at least.”
“…I guess I can’t argue with you… I would’ve done the same thing. So, when is the baby due?”
“Mid-November, I am so nervous… and I wouldn’t like to be away when my kid is born.”
“I completely understand… would you be playing hockey or keeping up with it at all during the year?”
“I’ll be coaching a junior hockey team at a school closer to home, actually.”

Dylan smiled on his way home. Sure he had just given up a major part of his life but why should’ve of cared at that moment? Another major (and much more important) part of him was at home, in bed, sick. Marco was now complaining of a sore throat so Dylan had just come from the pharmacy again with some grape flavoured cough syrup. Marco loved grapes so why stop there; he bought Marco a nice bag of grapes and some grape jelly from the supermarket. He didn’t even know why but Dylan didn’t care… and when Marco was feeling a little better; he would give him a surprise. A surprise that Marco wouldn’t suspect.
Soon his car pulled up into their drive way… well not theirs per say but theirs to some extent. Dylan climbed the stair and went inside Marco wasn’t in the living room or anywhere downstairs for that matter. At this Dylan was thankful. He didn’t like Marco working while he was sick, hell when he was pregnant for that matter! On the second floor he saw the light of their child’s soon-to-be nursery, was on. He slowly walked in.
The nursery only had a rocking chair and change table in it, along with a bookshelf, for books of fairy tales and stories that Dylan would enjoy reading to their child. In fact the only two books on the shelf so far however were ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’; gifts from Paige. The room was still very bare… Dylan was happy that now he would now have more time to work on the room; although Lily would be sleeping with them for the first few months, he wanted the room done long before she was born. Marco sat in the room alone, reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to his growing stomach. Marco loved reading and talking to the baby; he said it made him feel that much closer to the baby.
Marco was hoarse but Dylan still thought his voice was beautiful. Marco didn’t even see him enter the room.
“…Then the wolf said-.”
“‘Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house in!’” Dylan said. Marco let out a little gasp before he turned around and hit Dylan on his shoulder, in mock annoyance, “Hey, what was that for?”
“For waking up our daughter, who was finally giving me a break from all the kicking… but now she’s wide awake again.”
“Sorry baby,” Dylan patted Marco’s stomach before kissing him, “and my other baby… How are you feeling?”
“My throat is so sore; I hope I don’t lose my voice.”Marco said with a pout.
“Well then, hopefully this should make you feel better.” Dylan said, handing Marco the cough syrup.”
“Grape…! I love you, I‘ve been craving grapes all day!”
“Isn’t that a coincidence? I bought a bag of grapes and some grape jelly for you.”
“Oh, Dyl, I love you, twice as much!”
“Don’t you mean three times as much?”
“Don’t push it… I’m still upset about you waking Lil’ up.”
“Well, I was going to wait until you were feeling a bit better but, there's never a better time than the present."
"...What are you talking about?" Marco asked inquisitively.
"I'm saying; would you still be upset if I told you I have one more thing for you?”

“…Well, maybe; depending on what it is.” said Marco slyly.
“Close your eyes.”
“Dylan, really, you can’t be serious-!”
“C’mon babe, just do it.” Dylan coaxed. With a smile Marco obliged.
“Alright, my eyes are closed captain, now what’s the surprise?”
“I’ll give you three chances to guess what it is, and keep your eyes closed.” Dylan replied.
“Okay, uh, my favourite Belgium chocolate that I’ve been craving all week?”
“No; you can’t eat this surprise, but I can guarantee you that you’ll love it way more than chocolate-.”
“Now that’s where you wrong, see… nothing could make me any happier right not that a piece of chocolate!”
“We’ll see… try again and no peeking!”
“Persistent aren’t we- oh wait, I know; you get me a gift card at the spa because you’re tired of having to hear me complain about my sore and aching back. That’s it isn’t it?”
“…I cannot tell a lie that’s… so much colder than the first guess.”
“Dylan, something that has increase since this pregnancy began is my lack of patience.” Marco playfully warned.
“Alright, because I don’t want to hear what you’ll come up with for a third guess, you can open your eyes, now.”
“Finally, it took long…!” Marco stopped mid sentence as a loud gasp escaped his lips.
Dylan was on his knee holding up a small black box in his hand, which was opened to reveal a ring made of white gold.
“Marco, we’ve known each other for almost nine years and look where we are now…”
“Oh Dylan, I-.”
“Let me finish first… Look at all the exciting things have been happening this year; you being pregnant and all… so all things considered I’d like to ask you; will you marry me?”
“Dylan…!” began Marco, but before he could give Dylan his answer his voice left him.
“Mar’, did you lose your voice? I knew I should’ve waited until you were feeling better, it’s just the jewelery store just finished inscribing it today and I was so excite I-.” Dylan rambled until Marco snapped his fingers to get his attention. When shook his head which shocked Dylan, “So you don’t want to marry me?”
“Dylan, no, I’m shaking my head because this was a perfect time to do this and my answer is yes!” Marco said in a very hoarse voice. The two of them kissed as Dylan slipped the ring on his fiancé’s finger.
“I love you.”
“I love you, more…”

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OMG. I am going to college this year to!!!
This is my first year. I am going to Andrew College.
Where are you going?
This chapter mad me smile at the end. Did not think he would pop the question but happy he did. Marco sounds so cute.
Update it Soon )

No way! I'm going to Community College for two years and then hopefully university.
I'll update ASAP.

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