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Love Like Ours 6/?
O_O It's been a long time since I uploaded... Forgive me.

How far along: 16 weeks
Weight: 153 pounds

Marco sat in the waiting room rubbing his slightly bulging stomach. He was alone and was waiting for the time to pass... until;
“Del Rossi? Dr Parker will see you now.” said Miss. Freedman, the receptionist. Marco got up and walked into the ultrasound room. He had been so nervous but he didn’t know why he was. Maybe it was because he was going to find out the sex of his baby that day also.
“Hello Marco... so, how are you?”
“Great... but the mood swings and cravings are killing me!” Marco replied.
“That’s natural.” said Dr Parker. First Marco was weighed, then his abdomen was measured and his blood pressure taken. Then Marco lay back on a bed. His shirt was lifted, revealing his belly. Dr Parker squirted some blue gel on it and turned on the sonogram machine.
Marco’s eyes were transfixed on the sonogram screen. There was indeed a baby on the screen... and inside of him. He looked down at his stomach and a tear fell down his face. He wished that he hadn’t come alone!
“Okay... there’s the head... the hands... that line of white dots, that’s the spine... and that sound is the heart beat... Marco, are you alright?” asked Dr Parker.
“It’s just so cute.” was all that Marco could say.
“Do you want to know the gender of the baby?”
“Okay, let me see... Congratulations... it’s a girl.”
“...A girl?” Marco said, smiling from ear to ear.
“...Were you hoping for a boy?”
“...No, I wanted a girl... this is great.”

“Marco, you haven’t talked at all during our car ride… what’s wrong? How was the appointment? Is the baby okay?” asked Dylan, walking along side Marco on their way to Dylan’s hockey practice.
“I was going to wait ‘til tonight to tell you but… it looks like we’re buying pink paint for the nursery.” said Marco. He put his hands inside the pockets of his hoodie and rubbing his hard belly. Dylan suddenly grabbed him and dragged him back to their car. When the doors were closed he started kissing Marco and unzipping his hoodie. Marco moaned pleasurable as Dylan’s hands slipped under his cotton shirt and rubbed firmly over his bump; feeling him hard, smooth, warm skin. It was a while before their lips parted…
“That’s great… the best news I’ve heard all day.” said Dylan.
“… I’m so happy-oh.”
“Are you okay… what are you feeling?”
“…I don’t know… it felt like I got a gentle poke from inside… there it is again.”
“Is there anything I can do?”
“Dylan, you need to get to practice… I’ll be fine.”
“No… you’re feeling something and I’m not going anywhere until I make sure you’re okay.”
“Dylan, seriously, I’m okay.”
“If that’s true then what was that?”
“I-I don’t know, uh-jeez- why don’t you ever listen to me! I told you I’m fine! Go to hockey practise and leave me alone!” Marco yelled. Dylan pretended to take offence.
“Well, fine! I’ll just go to practice then and leave you alone.”
“You’re going to break up with me? Why? What did I do? Don’t you love me anymore?” Marco asked a rush of questions as tears gathered in his eyes.
“Marco… what are you saying? Of course I love you… you’re my beautiful boyfriend… I just meant… I was going to practice now.”
“Oh… I’m sorry about that… These constant mood swings are really starting to bug me!”
“But hey… mood swings or not, I still love you… but before I go… just let me feel…”Dylan gestured to Marco’s stomach. Marco shrugged and allowed the movement… a moment later Dylan gave a start, “Oh.”
“Did you feel it?” asked Marco.
“Yeah… the baby just kicked.”
“Kicked? Why would she kick me? Is she okay?” asked Marco, worried.
“Marco, you mean to tell me that you’ve wanted a child for so long and you didn’t know a baby kicks… she’s just stretching her limbs, Mar’.”
“So, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her? This is perfectly normal?”
“Yes, Marco… it’s one of the only ways you can really know if she’s okay. My mom told me that when I was three; when she was pregnant with Paige and still remember it like it were yesterday.” said Dylan.
“…I love her… and I love you… and you love her…”said Marco.
“And I love you too.” Dylan realized that Marco was now lost in thought, “What are you thinking?” he asked, tugging on a lock of Marco’s hair.
“Dylan… I think we should call her… Lily.”
“That’s sudden; anything triggered this?”
“You’re going to think it’s stupid.” said Marco with a frown.
“No, no, no... I won’t babe; just tell me.” Dylan plead.
“Okay... do you remember our first Valentine’s day together?”
“Yeah, sure; I took you out to dinner and bought you a bouquet of flowers... lilies.”
“That’s why I want to name our baby, Lily; she’s so wonderful; like a gorgeous lily…”
“…Our little flower… our beautiful Lily.”

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It ha been so long since you updated!!! Wonder if Dylan will ever pop the question during Marco's pregnancy? Can't wait for more soon.

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