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Love Like Ours 5b/?
This is part two of chapter 5. So from now on the chapters should be uploaded faster now.

How far along: 12 weeks

“I know that we have discussed the risks since before you conceived but I feel that since you are nearing the end of the first trimester that we should discuss these risks again.” said Dr. Finland to Marco and Dylan. Marco was in for his third check up since getting pregnant and everything was in order. His weight was ideal at the stage of pregnancy and his was given a clean bill of health.
“The risks,” repeated Dylan nervously as he grabbed Marco’s hand.
“Yes, since the first trimester is ending the risks of miscarriage are lessened substantially; on the other hand the risks are almost doubled for the Marco.”
“What the fu-?” began Dylan, but Marco stopped him, “how are they increased for Marco?”
“As the baby grows the space in the artificial womb will begin to expand outwards however it will also begin to expand inwards as well and press on most of you abdominal organs as well as your diaphragm muscles therefore you won’t be able to take deep breaths anymore. You will also notice that your midsection becomes much wider as the baby grows; you may need a brace by the end of the second trimester.”
“Okay are there any other risks?” asked Dylan.
“These next few months will have a major toll on your body, emotionally, as well as physically. I strongly recommend that you stay away from stress; you must remember that stress can cause not only problems for you but also for the foetus; it may cause certain mental problems in the child, improper foetal development or even still birth depending on the degree of stress you experience which is why I don’t want you to be working for very long during the next few months.”
“There are only six more weeks during the semester and I’m applying for long leave after that.”  Marco replied.
“Very good; now I would suggest that to avoid stress that you engage in stress relieving activities such as palates and yoga which will also give you exercise; I would also suggest that you attend pre-natal classes with you boyfriend.”
“That is a great idea, isn’t it Dylan?” asked Marco with a smile, knowing that Dylan was not looking forward to prenatal classes.
“Of course...” replied Dylan, unenthusiastically.
“Alright, here is a prescription for a refill of the vitamins and folic acid as well an exercise DVD; it may be very helpful to you.” said the doctor as he handed both items to Dylan.
“Is there anything else you should tell us?” asked Marco.
“Now just because there are risks doesn’t mean that something bad will happen; all you have to do is relax and stay stress free and the rest of the pregnancy should be smooth sailing in that regard.”
“Okay, thank you very much.”
Dylan was downstairs making Marco some breakfast when suddenly a scream caused him to drop the carton of orange juice onto the floor.
“Marco!” he yelled as he dashed to the stairs and ascended, three steps at a time, “Marco, what’s going …on?” Dylan trailed off when he was Marco at the on front of the mirror, smiling.
“Dylan, I’m showing!” Marco exclaimed animatedly as Dylan moved closer. He could defiantly see a slight curve in Marco’s midsection, but the real evidence was that Marco’s navel had popped out overnight. Dylan kissed his lover and smiled.
“That’s great baby; but did you have to scream so loud you almost gave me a heart attack!”
“I’m sorry but this is so incredible!” Marco exclaimed.
“Yeah, but I’m afraid our celebration has to be a little short lived; your first class is in about a half hour and you wouldn’t want to be late.
“You’re right... can you pick me up later?”  Marco asked as he finished dressing and getting his work bag.
“Of course...I’ll see you later then.” Dylan replied. Marco smiled as they kissed goodbye.
“Ah! It’s great to be back!” said Marco as he stepped into the school. He was back in to school for the next  six weeks… the last few weeks left in the school year before the kids headed off for vacation… and he would be off until next spring on his long leave.
“Hello, Mr Del Rossi.” said one of his students as he passed.
“Hello Brenda.” greeted Marco. Suddenly a group of his students rushed up to him.
“Mr Del Rossi… Thank goodness you’re back!” said Stuart.
“Why? What’s the matter?” asked Marco.
“The substitute teacher, Mr Gorman is so hard on us… he gives us two pop quizzes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!” said John.
“It’s been complete chaos without you, Sir!” Anna shuddered.
“Well, don’t worry guys… I’m back for the rest of the school year.” Marco assured his students.
“Sir, can you give us assignments that could bring up our grades?” asked Teddy.
“Yeah, everyone in the class has at least two Fs… we don’t want to fail History.”
“Guys, calm down… I’ve already got an assignment for you… I tell you about it during class.” Marco said.
It was a tough first day back at school for Marco. He gave two of his classes assignments to pass up by the week and spent his free periods organizing his work material for the classes he had the next day. He was glad when he could finally lock his desk and leave the school. He smiled when he saw Dylan’s car in the parking lot and Dylan lying back in the driver’s seat with a book over his head, snoring away.
Marco walked up to the car and got in; the noises the door made woke Dylan up and Marco laughed at him fondly, “Hey, baby... how was your first day back?” he asked.
“It was great but I’m happy that it’s over.” Marco replied putting on his seatbelt.
“Why’s that?” asked Dylan who had started the car.
“I passed my first trimester today.” He said happily. Dylan’s eyes widened and they leaned in to kiss.
“That is great news.” said Dylan. It was only then that Marco’s words were beginning to make the whole thing even more real for him. In the next six months they were going to have a baby and in the next few weeks they were going to find out the sex of their child.

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Loved both chatpter of this soty, I need more!!!

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