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Love Like Ours 5a/?
For some reason I'm not too proud of this chapter two part chapter but here it is. I apologize for any errors. The next part will be uploaded most likely by the end of the day.

How far along: 8 weeks

“Okay, starting with the Bs now, ‘Bane’?”
“… No.”
“What about ‘Barney’?”
“… No.”
“Hell no! Marco, where did you get that book anyway; none of the names in ‘A’ were that good?”
“There were some really good ones; I just don’t think you were paying that much attention!”
“Excuse me; I was paying attention and quite enough to realize that none of the name would suit our son; if we are having a son.” said Dylan, who was preparing dinner that night.
“So what do you want to name our child then; if you don’t like any of the names in this book so far?”
“Look, I just think it’s a little too early to be thinking of names-I mean remember last time when we started thinking of names so-?”
“Of course I remember last time… I lost our first baby… a living thing… how the hell, can you even ask me if I remember when I obviously do… it still hurts whenever I think about it because that did not happen as a result of us talking about names so early…” Marco yelled angrily with tears filling his eyes. He got up from the dining room chair and went into the living room. He had left the book on the table so Dylan knew that he had just reopened a slowly healing wound. He turned off the soup and followed Marco. His Italian boyfriend was sitting on the chair with his head in his hands… crying.
“Marco, I didn’t mean to ask you that… Of course I know that you’d remember.” Dylan said as he sat down next to him. Without lifting his head Marco said:
“…It happened as a result of me and my stubbornness; if I had just sat down… the baby would’ve still been alive…I took that for granted…” Dylan put a hand in Marco’s hair and as he toyed with it as he said:
“But then, this baby wouldn’t have been conceived…”
“I recognize that this baby is a blessing… I just…” Marco trailed off, unable to finish his statement and both remain quiet for a long time, just looking into each others eyes…
“…You know what; forget what I said; it’s never too early to come up with baby names and hey, it’s still early so how about after dinner we go to the park and continue looking at names?”
“That would be great … I didn’t mean to yell at you because I sort of understood what you were trying to say… but just the same, I can’t help feeling so… excited.”
“I am too, you know… and just for the record none of those names in ‘A’ were good!” Dylan said in as a way to change the subject but Marco didn’t say anything for a while; he just had this faraway look on his face, “Hey, Mar’ what are you thinking?”
“What if I screw up again- what if-what if something happens to me or we lose this baby too-?”
“Don’t even think about it! All you need to do is relax and let me handle everything else okay?”
“But how are you going to manage all of this and hock-?”
“Don’t answer a question with a question; I will find a way to take care of everything and for goodness sakes don’t worry! You don’t need stress… are you with me?”
“Alright,” Marco said smiling as he pressed his lips on Dylan’s. Suddenly the loud beeping of the smoke detector in their kitchen alerted them that something was burning.
“But I turned off the soup before I came around here- oh shit- I forgot dessert!” Dylan exclaimed as he ran into the kitchen and turned off the oven. Marco followed him and both began to cough violently. While Marco opened the windows Dylan took out the now burnt cake out of the oven.
“Well I guess dessert is out of the question.”  said Dylan, disappointed.
“Or we can take the chocolate frosting upstairs to the bedroom with us and put it to good use.” said Marco with a wink. Dylan’s eyes widened at Marco’s implied suggestion.
“Are you sure,” Dylan asked, “I mean it’s been like four months since we last...”
“...All the more reason why we should.” replied Marco.

How far along: 10 weeks

Marco was looking at himself in the full length mirror in his bathroom; he gently rubbed his fingertips over his flat midsection. He looked around to make sure that it was only him in the room then he inhaled, stuck his belly out and closed his eyes, trying to imagine what it would be like when he was farther gone. He was startled when a larger hand covered his which rested on his stomach but sighed contently when he realized it was Dylan.
“How long were you watching me?” Marco asked leaning back on the tall, muscular body.
“The whole time… you were so cute.” Dylan said peppering Marco’s neck with a shower of kisses. The tenderness and compassion of the touch caused Marco to quiver.
“Dylan,” he began.
“Yeah, babe…” Dylan slurred as he continued to place kisses.
“…Keep, doing that.” Marco said as he placed all of her weight against Dylan who began to nip his Italian boyfriend’s neck which resulted in a soft moan from him. Marco wanted nothing more than for them to get to finish this in their bed but he refrained from pushing Dylan to the desired destination by saying, “Dylan, you have a game in-ohhhh!” Marco moaned as Dylan had pushed the fabric of his sweater, off his shoulder and sunk his teeth into the naked flesh!
“Five minutes, I’ll be quick.” Dylan said but Marco got out of his hold.
“Thanks, Dylan, not only does my shoulder hurt now but I’m actually considering keeping you here with me tonight!”
“Then come over here, baby.” Dylan said sitting on their bed. Marco walked over to him and, sitting on his lap, began to make out hotly with him. Then he pulled away from him, “Finish getting dressed and I’ll go downstairs and wait for you; you’re not missing this game or all the time we spent apart these last few weeks would be for nothing.” He reasoned pulling his sweater back onto himself and leaving the room. Dylan sighed as he too got up and put on his uniform.

Later that night, after the game and the celebration of Dylan’s team winning yet another match, Marco and Dylan decided to have a little celebration of their own. Dylan lit scented candles which illuminated their dark bedroom and both of them stood in front of the bed.
“You know the reason why we won even though during most of the last ten minutes we were four points behind?” asked Dylan as he stripped his lover’s sweater off of him.
“Because you scored two goals in the last minute.” replied Marco, “You don’t need to be so boastful; I know you’re talented-.”
“Mar’ that is not why; the reason why we won is because during that last minute I looked up at the stands and I saw you... and you were rubbing your belly and I don’t know, I guess looking at ones family really makes one extra determined.”  Dylan said as he pulled off his top and kissed Marco as they continued to lose article after article of clothing. Soon one thing led to another and they were enjoying the erotic passion of each other as they made love. They were finished within a half an hour and lay in their bed; their sweaty, naked bodies were cuddled together as both panted their satisfaction.
“That was some of the greatest sex I’ve ever had.” huffed Dylan as he sat up and placed one of his hands on Marco’s bare belly.
“I love you.” said Marco placing his hand on top of his boyfriend’s. For a long time neither person said another word; they just lay there and enjoyed the warm feeling that they experienced from the simple yet tender touch.


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