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Love Like Ours 4/?
It's been a while... like MONTHS since the last chapter and I'd just like to say that I'm sorry it took SO long. In fact I don't even know if it's WORTHY of reading (or if anyone is still interested in it) but hey might as well get this part over with.

As usual, sorry for any mistakes, the line spacing (and these crazy dotted lines I keep seeing and can't get rid of...if you don't see them well good.)

How far along: 4 weeks

They had gone to Dr Finland for a cheek-up a few days ago… all the signs were there, once again and a quick sonogram confirmed that Marco was pregnant once again… only this time Marco was planning on losing this baby. He ate healthy food but a lot of food which caused him to grow a full size bigger in such little time. Dylan was serving him his meals in his bed and he was hardly getting out of bed… at least until he was farther along.
Marco missed school, he missed teaching and he missed his students… but this baby was far more important to him. He had gotten sick leave which Marco thought he really needed. He would wait until he was at least ten weeks… then he would go back to work for a while and then apply for long leave so that he could have and take care of their baby for a while.
“Ma, I have something to tell you.” said Marco to his mother, over the phone.
“What is it Marco; you didn’t come to visit us last week so I hope it’s nothing serious.”
“Mom it is; just not that kind of serious.”
“Well then don’t keep me in suspense; out with it!”
“Okay; it’s going to some completely crazy but just bear with me, okay… Ma you’re going to be a grandmother in the next eight months-.”
“What-mio dio- You and Dylan are adopting?”
“Um- no, Ma, Dylan and I aren’t adopting…”
“…Do you have a surrogate then?”
“No, no surrogate either…”
“…I don’t understand darling-how could you and Dylan be getting a baby if you’re not adopting or have a surrogate… wait… Marco, please don’t tell me you and Dylan kidnapped a child.”
“What? No Ma… I’m pregnant.”
“…You’re what?”
“I’m having a baby… and I’m four weeks; I actually had a miscarriage two months ago but then I found out I was pregnant again; that’s why I didn’t come to see you and Pa last week.” Marco further explained to his Ma about the details of how he was able to get pregnant.
“…Marco, let me go and sit down… Okay so let me go over this again; you met a doctor who by some form of medical science was able to get you pregnant so you could test a new drug?”
“…Yeah, that’s basically it in a nutshell.”
“…And I’m going to be the baby’s biological grandmother?”
“That’s true too.”
“I need to see you for myself; and you know that your father will not believe what you just told me unless he hears it from you himself so… you and Dylan are invited over for dinner tomorrow night at six.”
“Okay, Ma, Dylan and I will be there… see you tomorrow night then… Bye.”

“Your parents want us to come to dinner tomorrow?”  asked Dylan when Marco repeated the phone call to him.
“Yeah to confirm the news of the baby.” replied Marco.
“What do you mean confirm? My parents believed me when I told them.”
“Well… it’s different with my parents, okay.”
“Marco… do you think that we did the right thing- by telling our parents this time? I mean what if something happens again…” Dylan stopped making his statement when he saw Marco’s face.
“Nothing will happen.” he said in a warning tone; the hormones were kicking in.
“Alright… since it’s out date night; where do you want to go out for dinner?”
“Sure… there’s this Chinese restaurant that I want to go to; Tianjin-I think that’s the name.”
“The new restaurant a few miles from here?” asked Dylan.
“Yeah… I was thinking that maybe we could celebrate-unless of course if you don’t want to go-.”
“Mar’ of course I want to go out with you-.” Dylan began when suddenly his phone began to ring, “Excuse me for a sec; let me just take this call.” Dylan left the room and Marco sat down on the couch.
Five minutes later Dylan came back inside with a regrettable expression on his face.
“So, who was it?” asked Marco kindly.
“That was the coach, Marco… he just called the whole team in for late night practise.” said Dylan nervously. The glow in Marco’s eyes became dull and the smile left his face.
“From when to when…?” Marco asked sighing.
“From seven to nine.”
“Okay, so basically the plans we were just making for our night are ruined?”
“Mar’ I am so sorry about this… hey, I could order some food from Tianjin’s for you.”
“No; just go… I’ll eat some leftovers in the fridge and watch some TV.”
“Marco… please try to understand-.”
“What that hockey is important to you; that I’ll always just have to settle for second place in your life?”
“What? Marco you are not second best in my life; you are the best thing in my life and the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“But hockey always seems to be a must and then me whenever you’re not doing hockey.”
“Babe… I’m sorry if you feel that way but-.”
“You’re going to hockey practise anyway and nothing I say or do can change your mind. Dylan just get out and leave me alone.” said Marco.
“Marco, I wasn’t going to say that-.” Dylan began when Marco slapped him.
“Get out of the house before I kick you out myself... I can’t stand you right now.”
Dylan was flabbergasted by the way in which Marco’s mood had changed so quickly... emphasis on so. Knowing better than to say anything else that mostly likely would’ve earned him another slap (which in that case was every word on the dictionary) he left Marco in the living room to himself and when to get ready.
Dylan knew better than to take Marco’s mood swings for granted but what if Marco was right... what if he was putting hockey first. Maybe he was being selfish... no of course he was being selfish!
What kind of partner (and to-be father for that matter) was he going to be?
“Jerk...” Marco said finally after drying his swollen red eyes. In all honesty he didn’t know whether he was talking about Dylan or himself. Dylan had left an hour ago and as soon as he had Marco began to sob uncontrollably. He wasn’t even that pregnant yet and he was having a terrible mood swing.
Stop stressing... just relax. Marco mentally said to himself. He couldn’t lose this baby too and stressing like he was would probably cause that. He pushed all the thoughts about Dylan out of his head and directed his train of thinking onto his baby (his if for now since Dylan had blew him off) and there he went again with thinking about Dylan!
He had to call someone before he was smothered by his uncontrollable thought. He picked up the phone and called Paige.
“Hello,” came the peppy greeting to him thought the phone
“Hey,” Marco replied glumly.
“Okay, what did my big and incredibly stupid brother do now?” asked Paige knowing instantly from Marco’s tone what was wrong.
“Woah, have you been taking psychic classes, now?” asked Marco avoiding the question.
“No, I guess my sisterly instincts are coming into play,” she replied. She heard Marco chuckle before she heard a sniffle, “Are you crying? What did he do?”
“...Yeah, I was crying... tonight is our date night and we were planning to go out for dinner, until he gets a phone call from the coach; he had to go to late practise and instead of saying ‘I already have plans’ or ‘I won’t be able to make it’ he just agrees and blows me off and I just feel like he keeps putting hockey in front of me... what if he says next; ‘I can’t be there for the birth of our child because I have hockey practise.” What do I do then?”
“Marco, relax; you need to calm down.” said Paige.
“I can’t I mean I guess I would’ve tolerated it better if it was just me he was leaving at home but it won’t me; he’ll be leaving me and a child alone and quite frankly I just don’t know if I can handle that.”
“Then talk to him and tell him how you feel... maybe he’ll see that and-I don’t know-play less hockey and spend more time with you.”
“No! Whatever you do, don’t tell him that! As much as I would like for him to play less hockey, I am not going to get in between him and his career. It’s only now that I realize was a jerk I’ve been being. I mean I’m the boyfriend of a hockey Star; I of all people should understand that he can’t always be with me.”
“Hun, you need to know that you’re not being selfish by wanting Dylan around with you more. I mean think about it... you don’t know that this pregnancy is going to throw your way; you want Dylan to be there for you to help you through all the ups and downs; to hold your hair when you puke, to give you massages when you’re sore to embrace you at ultrasound appointments, to try to cheer you up on rough days, to kiss you when you feel the baby kick, to go crazy when you say you’ve gone into labour and to bare your pain with you in the delivery room. Wanting that of Dylan is not being selfish.”
“...To be honest with you I am really scared;  what if I do or say something to him  that affects our relationship;  what if at some point when I’m like weeks away from having this baby we have a huge fight or something?”
“You guys will work it out; you always have.”
But they didn’t work things out that night because by the time Dylan got home Marco was asleep. Dylan stripped into his boxers and climbed under the covers of their bed; spooning his sleeping lover.
“I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better.” Dylan mumbled before dropping off to sleep. He didn’t even realize that a smaller hand had moved up to where his was resting at Marco’s stomach... nor the content sigh that escaped his boyfriend’s lips as he settled into Dylan’s hold. Nothing else needed to be done... all was already forgiven.

Dylan walked into his and Marco’s bedroom and realized that Marco wasn’t on the bed… but the sound of retching was in the air. Dylan ran into their bathroom. Marco was hunched over the toilet emptying his stomach of the whole grain cereal he had just eaten. Dylan kneeled down next to him and rubbed his back.
When he was sure he was finished Marco flushed the toilet and Dylan helped him up. Marco looked at Dylan and said, “I’m sorry that I’m putting you through this Dylan. I didn’t mean what I said and did to you last night.”
“No, I’m the one who’s sorry… you’re right; I need to be spending more time with you and I work on that because I love you and I love the baby; and I don’t want to lose you.”
“You say that now but what about when I’m fat, cranky and hungry all the time?”
“Marco, firstly, you will not get fat… the baby will be growing and that’s what’s important. Secondly I love you when you’re cranky; you’re so cute when you are and thirdly, I don’t care how much you eat… you’re still mine, aren’t you?” They kissed.
“You know something I love about you? I love it when you make every bad thing I say sound good.” Marco said. Dylan pulled him into another kiss.
“Well it is my job now isn’t it?” Dylan asked.

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So funny and cute at the same time. Missed you and your story, update as soon as you can aging. You can do it!!!
Marco will not lose the baby aging right? I hope not

They might... but it would be cruel of me to... But I will say this... the baby will be okay-for the next few chapters at least.

Very happy with that!!!

Ok, I can't wait for more.

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