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Love Like Ours 2/?
This is going to be kind of sad...
Please excuse any errors...

When Marco got home, he spent the next few hours researching male pregnancy. Basically he’d have to do everything Dr. Finland had said. He also found out what his diet would have to be like. He’s have to find an egg donor. The first person to come to mind was Paige. Before he knew what he was doing, he had Paige on the phone.

“Hey Paige,” Marco began.

“Hi hun… so what’s up?”

“This is going to sound weird but… I’ve been thinking that since adoption isn't working out so well that maybe Dylan and I should try male pregnancy… but-.”

“You need an egg donor, correct?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“From what you were saying I got the impression that you wanted to carry the baby and you’d want the baby to be as close to Dylan, as biologically possible.”

“Yeah… I know it’s so sudden… and I’ve only been researching for a couple of hours and I’m probably not ready for this but I have to try.”

“…Alright, hun… I will help you out on one condition-.”

“I’ll pay you handsomely for your co-operation-.”

“No, goodness no… I don’t want money… what kind of a future sister-in-law (and possible future aunt) do you take me for… I was going to say that I’d help you after you get Dylan on board with the idea.”

“Oh, okay… thanks Paige.”

“Talk to you later.”

After he talked to Paige he continued his research and found some tips on how to cope with the side effects of the pregnancy. He also looked at how babies developed over the 40-week period… Everything looked in order… The big question was… what would Dylan say?

“Marco? I’m home, finally… practise lasted longer than I’d expected.” called Dylan as he entered their apartment. Marco sat on the sofa staring at the card in his hand, “What do you have there?”

“Dylan, something weird happened today… I almost got ran over by this doctor… I'm okay but… he said that he’s trained in a new type of child birth and guess what?”

“He can hook us up with an adoption?” Dylan asked excitedly.

“Well, sorta...”

“Sorta? What does that mean?”

“Well he said that they're developing this new drug that can get an infertile person pregnant…”


“It can get women pregnant… a-and men too.”

“…Woahwoahwoah… wait so let me get this straight… A doctor that you met today said he could get one of us pregnant? Marco doesn’t that sound a little… odd to you?”

“It did at first but then he starting explaining… the drug is called Fertilitoid… it’s been tested in men of different age groups, but my age group in the only untested group. Dyl, I know it sounds crazy but just for a moment, think about it… we could have a baby.”

“Marco, that sounds good-great-incredible… but don’t you think this is a little too weird to be true?”

“Please, we can at least try… I would carry the baby.”

“Marco, there is no way that a guy could carry a child it’s just not possible.

“…But Dylan, guys have already been on this drug and 8 out of every 10 of them have children today.”

“So what happened to the other 2 out of 10?”

“…They miscarried… but that doesn’t mean that I will… You don’t want to be a dad… that it isn’t it?”

“No, that is totally the opposite but… what if something goes wrong… what if adoption works out-.”

“Dylan, five adoptions. The five times we tried to adopt… the parents cancelled the adoptions… five adoptions over the course of four months. I know that we agreed to try again later but I can’t wait to have a baby and it’s killing me. This is a huge opportunity… since it’s experimental that means that we get paid for the treatment if money is what you’re worried about.”

“I’m not worried about the money… I’m worried at the chance that you don’t get pregnant… or die because of it.”

“Dylan… I know this is risky but… I want to try…”

“…Okay. But there are some conditions that come with this.”

“Okay I’ll do anything.”

“One, if you don’t get pregnant we try the adoption again.”


“And two… If you do get pregnant then you do exactly and I mean exactly what the doctor says, no straining yourself, no nothing.”


“We’re going to need someone close to us, to donate eggs.”

“I already asked Paige… she said she would if you agreed.”

“Okay, but I need to do my own research before you even think of calling back this doctor.” said Dylan. Marco smiled and kissed him.

“Thank you.”

A few weeks later

It had been one month sisnce Marco had the surgery to insert the 'uterus' into his midsection. He had been taking the hormones and the drugs and he did everything to preparing him for this moment.

“Marco.” said Dr Finland, “Okay; this is what we’re going to do… We’re going to do an ultrasound to see how the uterus is looking… then if everything is looking good; then well inject two of the five fertilized eggs into the womb. First you have to take the drug. Now I must warn you that the first time we inject that you may not get pregnant. If it doesn’t then you’ll came back and get another injection. After that in the next three weeks you come back for a pregnancy test. Look out for the signs of pregnancy, cravings, bloating, fatigue, mood swings. . Do you understand all that?”

“Yeah.” said Marco and Dylan in unison. Marco was lying on an inclined bed while Dylan sat next to him.

“Alright then. Marco, drink this.” Dr Finland said, handing Marco a small test tube of a pale green liquid. Marco glanced at Dylan before opening the tube and drinking it. Dr Finland then pulled up Marco’s jersey and put a cold get on it. He then moved an instrument over Marco’s belly and looked at the screen in front of him, “Okay, everything is looking good. Everything looks in order, to carry a foetus.”

“I’ve got a question… What if both of the embryos grow?” asked Dylan.

“This is highly improbably. There’s a one in fifty chance of that happening.”

“Okay, just making sure.” said Dylan. The doctor then took up a needle and syringe and gently stuck it into Marco’s belly; he then injected the embryos…

“Mar’, I…” Dylan trailed off. He knew that nothing he said could make Marco any better at that moment. They were in their car. This was ten weeks after the injection. The first injection had failed (as was expected) so Dr Finland tried again with another two embryos and… Marco got pregnant…

Marco was so happy when Dr. Finland told him that he was pregnant. His baby, probably the size of a speck of dust, was already loved endlessly by Marco and Dylan.

“Dylan what do you think we should name him or her?” Marco asked. He wasn’t showing yet, but he wore a loose fitting t-shirt. Dylan looked over at the glowing guy next to him and touched his flat stomach.

“I was thinking… if it’s a boy he should be named after you.” said Dylan.

“No way! I don’t want him named after me… he should have his own unique name.”

“But your name is unique.” protested Dylan.

“Oh, stop it… What if we have a girl?” asked Marco. Dylan smiled.

“If we do then she should be named Beverly.”

“I like Beverly.” said Marco.

But then their happiness was squashed three weeks later.

Dylan had hockey practice and Marco had decided to attend. While Dylan played Marco watched from the side lines. Only he and three other people were looking at the game. Every few minutes Dylan was glancing up to see Marco. One time when he looked up… he saw Marco was standing up… but why was Marco standing up? He knew he was tired. Dylan thought that Marco would sit down soon so he continued to play…then he looked up at Marco again… he looked dazed… Another time he looked up… Marco looked tired… another time he looked up… Marco’s eyes were closing (Dylan assumed that maybe he was bored… but Marco was never board at one of his games or practices… he always watched every moment… It just wasn’t possible for Marco to sleep at one of his games)… the last time he looked up… Marco had fallen. He stopped playing and ran up to the stand Marco fell down the stairway of the stand… he rolled, over and over but before he got to the bottom one of the other onlookers stopped him.

An ambulance was called and Marco was taken away. Dylan, who had forgotten about their car, rode in the ambulance too. At the hospital tests were done…

“Marco, Dylan, so we got the results of the tests.” said Dr Finland.

“Is my baby alright?” asked Marco, he had a bruise right above his left eye brow… he waited for the doctor to answer him… He was filed with… hope.

“You fainted because your body was strained… you were standing up too much and for too long.”

“Marco, I told you, you should’ve sat down but you didn’t listen to me, now did you?” said Dylan. He thought that that was the worst of the news but nothing prepared either of them for what they were about to hear…

“… But… because of the fall… you lost the baby.”

In that one moment… all colour left his face, “What? I-I lost the baby?”

“I’m sorry Marco.” 

“No! The baby didn’t die… the baby was fine… the baby was…”

“When you fell, you rolled onto you abdomen, multiple times…”

“No!” Marco screamed, “My baby was alive! My baby was okay! I want my baby!” Marco was about to spring at the doctor when Dylan put his arms around him and hugged him.

“Marco-.”Dylan began.

“No… I want my baby…” Marco began to sob in Dylan arms, “No, no, no… I want my baby.”

Marco had fallen into a great depression at the news that he had miscarried. He screamed and sobbed at the news. Now… on their way home that afternoon… two days after they’d found out the terrible news… Marco was silent.

Dylan blamed himself. He had allowed this doctor to get him to believe that he and Marco could actually get pregnant. He should’ve known that it wouldn’t work but worse than that was… he had allowed the doctor to get Marco to believe the same stupidity too and now that it had failed, his boyfriend was heartbroken. Dylan should’ve known that some things are just too good to be true… and he should’ve protected Marco from it.

When they got home Dylan helped Marco up the stairs. He forced Marco to eat a slice of toast and drink a glass of water. Still Marco didn’t say a word. Then he drew a bath for Marco to soak in; he soaked for about an hour before he got out and dressed. Dylan went and took his shower and when he came out Marco was already asleep; his face was wet with tears. He got into bed with his and put his arm around Marco’s waist.

It was then that he realized that Marco’s belly wouldn’t be growing. It was just two days before that they were talking about names and now, now their life was ripped apart

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This was really sad, I hope they are ok. Well Marco try to get pregnant again?

I felt bad writing this chapter, but I just felt compelled to write it anyway. I post the next chapter soon and you'll get the answer to your question when you read it!

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